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sexual abuseAbuse

There are many types of abuse to deal with…drug and alcohol abuse, verbal abuse, sexual abuse and self abuse.  These guides take the reader through personal accounts with all forms of abuse and helpful steps in the healing process.

dating guideDating Guides

There are dating guides for every situation imaginable…how to flirt, how to become an alpha male, how to be the man that women will adore…anything you can think of whether you are a male or female, there is a guide on everything

Eating Disorders

These guides on eating disorders are proven to work…these books show how to dissolve the guilt, shame and control associated with self-destructive eating by restoring your self esteem and personal power.

Marriage & Relationships

Don’t understand your partner?  Feel like every time you talk, it’s long distance?  Find ways to really hear what your partner not only wants, but needs.  Truly understand relationships in a way that every situation is a win-win!

Motivational / Transformational

Powerful Knowledge in the world about how to create the perfect reality you desire.  Learn to dream while you are awake.  Your mind is modeled after the limitless power of the Universe!

Hypnosis Downloads

Using the incredible power of your own mind, our advanced self hypnosis downloads will move you gently into a deeply relaxed and powerfully focused state where you can enjoy a state of relaxation and meditation.

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