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Through the power of your imagination you can feel calm, relaxed and in control.

You can make miraculous changes in your life!



Write Your Dissertation

Write an effective dissertation!  Don’t let a deadline put you in a state of panic.  Feel confident and at ease while achieving your academic qualifications.



Be More Professional

When you believe in yourself, people can trust you and your ability to come through.  Reliability is number one in personal and business relationships.



Improve Critical Thinking

Do you always think things through?  Do you want to be sharper in being aware of the details to get things done?   Thinking is a skill we need to practice to be useful to us.



Resist Temptation

Do you find it hard to stick to resolutions?  Stop beating yourself up for being weak.  Here’s how to eliminate those weak moments.



Mend Your Broken Heart

Are you grieving over the end of a relationship?  Does it feel like the pain will never end?  Love deeply effects our lives. When love ends,  or we experience the loss of the one we love, we can actually feel as though we are going through a physical sickness. Rediscover your inner sanctuary.


Boost Your Self Confidence

Do you get nervous when you do presentations?  Are you an actor that needs more belief in yourself? This hypnosis session builds your confidence so you can be more relaxed in situations which were previously challenging.


Developing Powerful Optimism

When we are optimistic, we are happy, motivated and full of energy. Using this session will allow you to more positive about work, relationships, family and life.  You will feel more determined to succeed, moving quickly toward your goals.



Give Your Partner Space

Does your partner feel as though you aren’t giving them the space they need?  Are you afraid you might lose them if you spend time away from them? This session will allow you to feel stronger with a new perspective and a greater sense of independence.


Let Go of Shame

Do you feel as though you are a bad person because of a past shame you experienced?  Do feelings of guilt overwhelm you?  Feeling bad about mistakes is normal for human beings, but this doesn’t make you a bad person.  We all make mistakes. This session will help you move on with your life.

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