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Why Guys Want to Stay Single

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Author: amyrosy37

It’s not surprising anymore that some men choose to opt out of marriage for the rest of their lives. These men are more comfortable being single because they have more opportunities to do anything they want. Furthermore, these men cherish their freedom so much, that marriage is only looked at as restricting their life style. If you are thinking about the reasons why some guys avoid marriage, then the following can offer some answers to your questions.

Unsure about the right time to marry

It is necessary that before you decide to get married, you need to understand the appropriate time to get married. You should be emotionally prepared to know what you are getting into. It is also important that you know what your responsibilities are, and you should be ready to fulfill it.

He may not be opposed to married life, just the timing of it.

The wife may take even more than what she will offer

In certain instances, men assume that their soon-to-be wife may end up benefiting more from the relationship than what they give. Because of this fearful thought, men become even more scared of being locked in a relationship.

Afraid of living a boring life

Men usually associate marriage with boredom since they most likely have committed family members who live a completely different lifestyle as when they were still bachelors. Because of this, some men can’t help but think that marriage can make their life unappealing.

Persisting Issues

If there have been fights that have been conflicting in your history together, guys can be concerned of matrimony because emotionally they suppose that these situations can pop up to haunt you. More so he could be judging your conflict resolution skills, and believe that if you as a pair couldn’t resolve these fights in the past, they will just get worse in marriage.

It’s a fact that some guys just abhor change

Regardless of one’s gender, some people simply hate change. This is common among those who are complacent with their existing lifestyle. In most cases, marriage creates massive changes that can be quite uncomfortable to some.

Losing their freedom

Most guys assume that marriage limits their freedom. Besides, being married means giving one’s time to their spouse. Marriage requires a sense of commitment and time allotted to your significant other. As a result, married men feel as though they are no longer free of what they want, unlike when he was still a bachelor. Moreover, marriage is associated with having kids, which completely minimizes his carefree lifestyle.

Men want to get the most out of their single life

For most guys, settling down is the last thing on their mind. These men want to maximize their freedom and will only think about getting children and a family later on in their life.

Problems with monogamy

There are men who are more interested in being with numerous women in their life instead of staying committed to one. With this in mind, being married can hamper their desire to be with those women.

Men easily believe what others tell them

Some men are taught from other people that marriage can stop them from having fun. So, they fear marriage just because of what others tell them.

Hesitant to handle commitment and responsibility

As people get married, a great amount of responsibility and commitment take place. There often is a lot of positive, but people don’t think about that though, men are only fixated on the negative. Which is a large adjustment from being single, and the bigness of that change can terrify guys.

Inability to make their relationships thrive

It is a given fact that almost half of marriages end up in divorce. When couples break up it can discourage people who observe the break up, as a result they believe that marriage is too difficult to go through. This might make him afraid that he will fail also. Some men avoid marriages because they don’t want to experience the hardship they saw in other failed marriages.

Doesn’t know how to make married life work

Since some men readily believe what their friends tell them about the kind of life marriage brings, they become unsure about being contented with their marriage. Thus, most guys opt out of a serious commitment.

There are men who are just plain selfish and dislike to take risks

It is possible that some were smart enough to know that it takes great sacrifice to make a marriage, which is something they don’t want from life. Unfortunately, there are guys who are not comfortable about this kind of life. So, they choose a more comfortable life by staying a bachelor for years.

Afraid of losing control of their life

The thing about some guys is that controlling their own future is something they are afraid to let go of. Since being married means losing one’s freedom to think for him only, the idea of being married is similar with losing control of one’s life. This is a foreign world to most men, which gives them more reasons to go against marriage.

What Should You Do?

Men stay single for a myriad of reasons. By understanding these reasons, you can determine what goes on in your boyfriend’s mind. You may also understand a solution to help him become more capable of handling a serious commitment.

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Amy enjoys writing about relationships and dating. She has been writing for the last 10 years for various blogs and websites.

Currently lives in Vancouver B.C.

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