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Alternatives to Alcoholics Anonymous: Finally Real Help For Alcoholism and Drug Addiction

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Author: Melanie Solomon

Options to Alcoholics Anonymous, 12-Step Programs Detailed in First-Ever Descriptive Resource Guide; Finally Actual Help for Alcoholism and Drug Addiction

“AA doesn’t really sound like an evidence-based program,” claims Melanie Solomon, author of a contemporary book exhibiting options to AA for getting rid of alcohol and drug abuse. “In actuality, it doesn’t deliver the results for the vast majority of families.”

A saved pill drug abuser who experienced AA morally defeating, Solomon composed her recently launched 2nd Edition of “AA Not the Solely Way,” to expose light on many other ways and treatment solution programs that do the job as well as or a lot better than AA to receive help for alcoholism and drug addiction.

Solomon is immediate to give acknowledgment for an excellent contribution AA renders to people its served but advises the figures are just too serious to never investigate other possibilities for any not being served very well by 12-step ideas. So when thinking, “Is alcoholics anonymous successful?” the response hinges on what your standard of “valuable” is. But we need some REAL help for alcoholism and drug addiction!

“Merely 5% of those that seek AA for aid stay in this program just after one year,” reveals Solomon, mentioning an inside AA reading that contains details from five studies performed from 1977 to 1989. The results illustrate:

• 81% of AA attendees have left following one month

• 90% shall no longer be members in just 3 months

• 93% getaway by six months

• 95% deserted this program just after one full year

In fact, 45% of those who attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in no way allow them another chance in just their very first visit.

“93-97% of old-school pharmaceutical and alcohol treatment centers are 12-step or AA-based, so those who have went to leave AA to check someplace else for guidance, are ultimately rejoining AA,” cites Solomon.

She noticed herself searching for structure and support from AA while going to law school, going for that needed 90 meetings in ninety days and experienced that announcing she was an alcoholic addict repeatedly must have been an unfavorable affirmation contributing to merely very bad outcomes. “And I really needed support for alcoholism and drug addiction!”

“They sought to tell me I became the sufferer of the incurable, progressive and fatal disease, that adhering to their process was basically treatment, as well as I need to surrender my own, personal thinking to one Higher Power,” she says. “But I wound up suffering worse and worse, and my self-esteem kept getting lower and lower.”

She went by means of twelve numerous years of the vicious loop of rehabs, sober livings, AA group meetings, and relapses. She has experienced alternate solutions to AA, and now at age 38, she finally feels liberated.

Some surveys and studies make known to the majority the effective strategy to recover is really through self-cure, as opposed to a programme. Although a Harvard project shows a mere 20% of all alcoholics kick the habit once and for all, of the people that do get better up to 77-82% did it by themselves without using a specialized strategy.

“One-size-fits-all treatment isn’t feasible,” Solomon tells. “Treatments will need to be as assorted as the everyday people in general seeking it out. But in any event, AA works best for some-maybe 5%. Certainly it is not for all, who wish to get help for alcoholism and drug addiction.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse generally seems to consent, stating “No single treatment program is right for everybody. Matching the treatment program to each individual’s needs is critical to success.”

“It is finally time for you to stop living in the dark ages of recovery, and educate persons about all the solutions that are at hand. Maybe we’ll start creating a dent in the alcohol and drug abuse problem that millions are facing each day as an alternative to continuing to extend it; to get some accurate help for alcoholism and drug addiction” claims Solomon.

Top rated U.S. substance abuse authority Dr. Marc Kern says, “I have long awaited this directory of addiction treatment alternatives. It represents what I believe to be the future of the field. It is a pioneering effort to organize this unique body of knowledge. A directory of this type was never available before.”

Dr. Frederick Rotgers, a different reputable alcohol and drug addicton expert explains, “The problem is finding treatment providers who provide these alternative, evidence-based approaches. Melanie Solomon has taken a wonderful step toward making that process, of identifying alternatives to traditional treatments easier.”

To be able to spark dialogue and trade of knowledge regarding treatment solution other choices, Solomon has expanded her website,, to incorporate a number of other materials as well as a free discussion forum. This is a impressive service for alcoholism and drug addiction! Those needing an interview or presenter may contact her by means of her website. She of course makes available a FREE very first time straight talk appointment to give you your own one-on-one support. To own your FREE article on how you’ll have the virtually all working treatment solution to gain help for alcoholism and drug addiction, go to Recently established 2nd Edition of “AA-Not the Only Way”, which is an Bestseller in a number of categories, by Melanie Solomon, has become available, costing $24.95 to buy the soft-cover book, or $19.95 for any e-book. Special bulk pricing is additionally made available. Both of those can be found for acquisition online.Please just remember that there is REAL help for alcoholism and drug addiction!

Contact: Melanie Solomon



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About the Author

Melanie Solomon is the author of “AA Not the Only Way” which can be found at, and is now in its 2nd Edition, and is an Bestseller in several categories. She is also available for coaching, if you need personal assistance, and offers the first session FREE. Please also be sure to get the important FREE special report on how to best choose your own treatment program, which can be found here:

A full-time writer and lecturer, Ms. Solomon has taught at the Huntington Beach School District’s Drug and Alcohol Program and has spoken at The Learning Annex in California. She graduated from the University of Michigan, with a B.A. in psychology with honors. While making Phi Beta Kappa, she also volunteered at a nearby Women’s Center, counseling and placing abused and, or chemically addicted women into safe facilities.

Her jobs have varied, from tutoring, investment analyst, law office assistant, and telemarketer, to presently being a full time author and now working for a publishing company, Outskirts Press, Inc., helping authors market their books.

Solomon, 38, resides in Ocala, Florida. For more information, please consult or email her at or even give her a call directly at 310-658-0990.

If you need help, she also offers a FREE, first time 30 minute phone consultation to discuss your obstacles, goals, intentions, and aspirations, and it gives you the experience of being coached.

What do you talk about during the session?? Start with your vision about your dreams, and the outcomes you are trying to achieve. Or talk about your greatest challenges, and how to overcome them. By the end of the free sample session, you will be IN ACTION. You will have moved from trying to doing! To schedule a free session, dial 310-658-0990. I wish you all the best in your own unique personal journeys back to health and happiness.

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