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Question: Does Stress Affect Health?

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Author: Christina

We are all familiar with the word “stress”. Stress is when you are worried about your job security, or worried about having enough money to pay your obligations, or maybe worried about your mum when the doctor claims she would need an operation. Actually, to many people, stress is linked with worry. If it is something that makes you worry, then it is stress. Your body has a wider definition of stress. To your body, stress is related to change, so the question, does stress affect health? Yes!.

It is unimportant if it is a “good” change or a “bad” change, they are both symptoms of stress. When you find your dream home and prepare to move, that is stress. If you break your leg, that is stress. Bad or good, if it is a change in your life, it is stress as far as your body is concerned. Even imagined change is stress. ( imagining changes is what we call “worrying”. ) If you fear that you can not have enough money to pay the rent, that is stress. If you worry that you’ll get fired, that is stress. If you believe that you’re going to receive a promotion at work, that is also stress ( though this would be a good change ).

Whether the event is bad or good, imagining changes in your life is stress. So the question , How Does Stress Affect Health? Anything that causes change in your daily agenda is stressful. Anything that causes change in your fitness is stressed. Imagined changes are just as stressed as real changes. Stress has effects on Your Body and Brain Stress causes issues with with the chemicals in your brain. When life is smooth, your brain is in a position to supply enough relaxing chemicals, like serotonin, to keep up with normal levels of stress, demands, and expectancies. But when too much stress is placed on the brain, it starts to fall behind in its capacity to cope. As the strain continues, some of the relaxing chemicals may begin to fail. Important nerve centers then become uneasy. You enter a state of brain chemical imbalance known as — overstress. From the above outline, you can likely imagine that overstress can have an effect on your looks. When you can’t sleep, you look washed out. When you have aches and pains, you look ( and feel ) unhappy.

Stress can also be the cause of skin rashes and stomach issues, this may also have an effect on how you look. Methods to combat stress such as breathing exercises are an efficient way to reduce stress, control moods, and feel energized. A technique to promote deeper respiring and better health is by breathing out utterly,try it, take a giant breath, let it out easily, and then squeeze out a touch more.

Doing this continually will help build up the muscles between your ribs and your exhalations will naturally become deeper and longer. Start by practicing this exhalation exercise consciously, and eventually it will change into a healthy, natural habit.

Many people question whether exercise is a good method of reducing stress and promoting relaxation for good health. One of the benefits of regular aerobic exercise is its moderating affect on feelings, both long term and short term. If you are feeling irritated or upset, a fast walk or run or a half hour of lifting weights will probably put you back in a cheerful mood. While exercise is a technique to burn up excess energy and dissipate strain, it does not always teach you the way to process stress differently, and is best used as a complement to another methodology, as an example, visualization or yoga. Yoga is a good promoter of relaxation as well as a good form of non-aerobic body conditioning. It fully enhances aerobic exercise.

Be positive. Were you aware pessimism has been related to a higher chance of dying before age 65? On the other hand, expressing positive feelings, like expectations, is related to a variety of health benefits, reduced production of the stress hormone cortisol, better immune function, and reduced chance of lengthy medical conditions.

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