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Sweetheart, Do You Think I Am Weird?

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Author: Bill Hamilton


Some women think men are weird, because they are not as affectionate as women.

I disagree. This is not the utter truth. You can’t expect men to act

like women. There is a massive difference between natures and acts.


For example, women can look at each other’s bodies. They can hug. They

can kiss. They can even sleep in the same bed. And, it doesn’t look

weird. But, men can’t do this. Men can’t even cry on the shoulders

of their male friends. If they cry, they avoid each other for several

days to confirm that they are not gays.

Men can’t succumb their nature. Thousands of years, and our society,

have built them in that way. Their mind is hard, and their soul is

rough. They believe that showing any sign of weakness crushes their

respect and demolishes their pride.


Women’s Accusations

All my life, I have seen women accusing men because of three main


First, men resent successful women.

Second, men are immature.

Third, men love prostitutes.

Especially, during relationship counseling, women raise these reasons

a lot. According to them, men have odd feelings, strange ideas, and

stupid thinking all the time. In other words, men are the weirdest

creatures of this planet. If they can astonish you with their

perfection, then they can confuse you too with their stupidness.

I agree with all of this, and I understand the pain of women. Let me

tell you what’s the reason behind their weirdness.


Why Do Men Resent Successful Women?

Yes. It’s true. Most men resent successful women; there is no doubt

about it. Men find it very threatening to live with a woman who is

more successful than them. Their comfort level crumbles and they start

to notice every negative side of the relationship.

Consequently, conflicts arise, and the relationship turns into a


Why most men do that? What are the reasons?

Well, there are various reasons. For example, it’s in men’s genes

to dominate, provide, and protect. When women earn more than men or

become successful in their careers, men feel that they are good for

nothing, and they have lost the power over their women.

They feel inferior and jealous, and this thing awakens all sorts of

fears inside them. They feel that you will leave them for other men,

they start questioning your loyalty and love, and they slather the

relationship with negativity by focusing on failures – instead of


Apart from this, your success makes you appear as a competitor, rather

than a loving companion, and compels him to think that his abilities

are at stake and he needs to do something for being more successful

than you. He starts focusing on his career, or looks for other ways to

earn more than you so that he can evince his dominance again.

This approach disconnects him with you on an emotional level and

develops a derisive mentality in the relationship.


But, time is changing fast. Men are learning hastily that they can

coexist with successful women. Because, politics, sports, and even the

courts are no longer exclusive men’s clubs.

Lots of relationship books, online seminars, and happiness’

workshops are influencing men that there is no harm in living with a

successful woman. In fact, it’s great. All they need is to change

their perspectives about women and look at their relationships with


If your man also resents your success, just be calm. Handle the

situation with love and care. Understand that your success is making him

extremely sensitive and emotionally insecure.


Here are few things which you should do:

(a) Start respecting him more.

(b) Start giving him credit for your success.

(c) Ask for his advice on a constant basis.

(d) Stay feminine and loving, make him feel that he’s still the man

of your dreams.

(c) Hug him tightly, kiss him passionately, and tell your friends that

it was he who supported you all the way.


Why Are Men Immature?

Most men are immature. They don’t solve the issues carefully and

turn small conflicts into huge battles. On the other hand, women are

very mature. They not only solve the issues very carefully but

also handle them on a case-by-case basis.

When we look at the history, we find mature, masculine, and decent men

interested in challenging jobs. They knew how to take the

responsibilities and act with patience, confidence, and passion. They

raised their girls as the finest ladies and their boys as the

masculine men.


But, everything has changed now… I personally blame video games and

movies for the destruction of men’s maturity and success.

Especially, video games have paralyzed the mind of men by changing

their overall nature. Today, men spend more time in playing games

rather than doing challenging jobs like their forefathers.


A psychologist at Iowa State University, Dr. Anderson said, “At the

very least, parents should be aware of what’s in the game, and what

kind of values, behavioral skills, and social scripts the child is


This statement of Dr. Anderson explains very well that games have the

capacity to destroy the maturity of a man…


Now, it would be utterly unfair if I avoid women’s struggles and

successes. Women have grown up as the finest ladies, and their

maturity level is better than men. They have proved, again and again

that they are equal to men. In fact, at some places, they have proved

themselves better than men…


I believe, “Women genuinely deserve standing ovation.”


Why Do Men Love Prostitutes?

I know it’s weird, but the simple answer is, “Men love prostitutes

because they are not getting what they want at home.” This is a

complete truth. I have asked this question from hundreds of men, and

almost all of them said the same thing, “We get valuable sex in

exchange of money.”

One 2006 study, conducted in Sweden and circulated in the journal

‘Sexologies’, revealed that, “Men have whore fantasy; whores

provide them that sex which they don’t acquire from their wives and


Many prostitutes have reported that most men reach them for satisfying

their specific needs and fantasies. They are not interested in overall

sex sessions. For example, some men want emotional closeness, some men

want fun, and some men want rough sex.

Prostitutes are like antidotes of men’s specific needs. That’s

why, according to men, sex with a prostitute is always magical; they

are in charge, and they can get what they want. The feelings of

dominance, and the fulfillment of their deepest desires, slather them

with happiness.

Now, it doesn’t mean all men don’t love their wives. Some men do

love their wives, but they don’t feel comfortable enough to express

their sexual desires in front of their wives. Feelings of fear and

embarrassment compel them to think that their wives will criticize

their character and disrespect their whole life.


So, yes, men are weird. But, most of the time, there are reasons

behind their weirdness. Perhaps, you are missing something which he

needs from you. Perhaps, you are challenging his masculinity with your

acts. Perhaps, you are disrespecting him in some way.


Whatever the reason is, I suggest you to stay calm, handle the

situation with love, and fulfill his specific need. There is a full

possibility that he will listen to you and eliminate his weird

behaviors for living a loving life with you.


About the Author:

Want to learn more from Bill Hamilton? Get “21 Crazy Ways to Create

Attraction” at his blog:

Bill Hamilton is a BIG thinker. He loves coming up with new ideas and

figuring out how to apply them. He works with individuals, couples,

and entrepreneurs to help them accomplish their ambitions.

According to Bill Hamilton, “Brilliant books always lead to a

wonderful life.”


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