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Hypnosis: Top 18 Frequently Asked Questions

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What is hypnosisArticle #843

Author: Dean

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a mental state of relaxation much like meditation. It basically involves dropping the conscious mind to a lower level of activity so that you are able to access the subconscious mind and communicate with it.

Why would I want to communicate with my subconscious?

Why wouldn’t you?! This is where you can change everything about yourself, if you are shy you can become more confident. If you are bad with money you can learn to become more sensible with it and the best thing is the subconscious mind doesn’t understand limitations.

What is the difference between hypnosis and meditation?

The truth is not a great deal. This depends on which view you take on certain philosophical points, to me however meditation is for relaxing and connecting with yourself for information and hypnosis is for training new behaviour. Think of it as:-

Meditation = The Weekend, relaxing, stress free : FUN

Hypnosis = The Work Day, dealing with issues and resolving them, learning new skills : WORK

How does hypnosis work?

It works in much the same way as meditation does in that you reach a state of calm, and prepare the mind to receive or deal with the information you want to deal with.

Can I hypnotise my friend?

Yes you can if they are willing to let you into their minds. Beware though as trying to influence people is dangerous. And if your intention is to help then great but if it is to manipulate then you need to:-

  • Get an education.
  • Get better looking.
  • Be prepared to have no friends.
  • Watch over your shoulder every five minutes.


How long should a typical hypnosis session last?

Hypnosis like meditation is very dependant upon the individual, however I would normally be prepared for between 10 – 60 minutes depending on the purpose of the hypnosis.

What are the negative consequences of hypnosis?

I have experienced painful memories resurfacing as a result of hypnosis, although I have come to view this as not having dealt with those problems properly in the first place.

Can Hypnosis correct a negative pattern of behaviour learned during childhood?

YES. With hypnosis you are able to deal directly with the subconscious mind so are in a position to change or manipulate your memories to your will.

Can hypnosis work to provide motivation to lose weight or exercise?

Again YES. You are in control so if you have bad habits with food change them.

Does hypnosis work when working on confidence, happiness, depression and attraction?

Yes it does although when someone is depressed they will often not want to even try to change so the resistance to help will be an issue, you can only save those that want to be saved.

What is the most important thing to remember about hypnosis?

The ABSOLUTE key to hypnosis is being honest with yourself and not to be closed off from anything.

Does hypnosis help in clearing unresolved issues in my subconscious mind?

Yes it does although only when you are able to deal with these issues will you truly be able to clear them. Sometimes the hardest part is learning to hear your own mind.

Does hypnosis really work in curing and improving your mind?

Yes that is basically the main focus of hypnosis.

What are the different hypnosis techniques?

Well briefly there are;

Guided-Hypnosis – This is the “Traditional” method where you lay on a couch and the therapist guides you through to a relaxed state, after which he then plants suggestions into your subconscious to achieve the desired effect. i.e. If you are trying to give up smoking he might say something along the lines of “You find the smell and taste of cigarettes disgusting, every time you smell a cigarette you will be so disgusted that you will find fresh air”.

Self–Hypnosis – This is a method where you lay or sit and you are the guide, the goal being to get into a relaxed state and access your own mind (very similar to meditation).

Ericksonian Hypnosis – Similar to “Traditional” guided hypnosis however instead of using suggestions the therapist will use metaphors to achieve the goals.

Why is it necessary to relax for hypnosis to work?

The main reason is so that you can access the subconscious mind more easily and be more accepting of the suggestions made to you without your logical mind getting in the way.

How do I know if I’m hypnotised?

You should feel completely relaxed but still in control, sort of in a dream state a lot like a daydream.

Can a person tell a lie while under hypnosis?

Yes you can as there is no element of control exerted by the therapist, you remain 100% in control of your actions so if you want to lie you can, however the most benefit will come if you are honest with yourself.

What is the purpose of hypnosis?

That depends on what you want to achieve, however the main purpose is to help you to discover and change things about yourself, or to recover lost memories.

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I am a fairly normal guy (what the hell does “normal” mean anyway?). I am ex British military and have been through some difficult times in my life, from being addicted to various substances. Just generally being an unsavoury character to waking up one day and turning it all around by making a series of small changes to be the man I am today. My Main Areas of Interest Are: Money – Saving, How to Make more! The Mind – Meditation, Hypnosis and Re-Programming Bad Habits. Health – Fitness, Natural Remedies, Good Food.

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