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It is through our perception and connection with all life that we can experience meaning and have a fulfilling life.

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Emotional Intelligence – How Emotions Affect Our Success In Life!

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Author: Abhishek Agarwal

Since a long time back, man had this general view that emotions and success were totally unrelated. Going to the other extreme, most reflected that both not only interface detrimentally with our ability to make decisions but perhaps, even lead us to fall short of expectations.

Humans are endowed with various types of intelligence. If you are deficient in one, it does not really entail a setback in one’s life. There are a few, who are inherently gifted with superior IQ scores, which enables them to retain a much greater degree of knowledge. On the contrary, there are others, who possess this unique talent of perfectly recognizing themselves. Now, this is what is known as intrapersonal intelligence.

Hence, emotional intelligence is the aptitude to become receptive enough to comprehend one’s personal emotions as well as the emotions perceived in others. This, eventually, will be put under observation to operate as influential factors in forming decisions and producing responses to different stimuli.

As we are tackling the different facets of emotions, what becomes crystal-clear is that no ambiguity exists whatsoever, amid emotional intelligence and one’s emotions.

Emotions have a bearing on our responses to things, decision-making, our frame of mind, our feelings, and our general temperament in a specified state of affairs. Many a times, one’s intellect does not provide the answers. Excessive thinking may possibly lead to a paralysis of one’s mind. Now, this is for the most part, because of the fact that intense deliberations over finding a possible solution results in our minds being filled with a confusing jumble of answers that lead you back to square one. Assessment is time-consuming and when this takes place, it may cause the problem to be exacerbated.

Now, this is not intended to put off anyone from plainly investigating personal issues. Nevertheless, you should not limit yourself to the concept of I.Q. only. Intelligence comprises of so much more than merely applying your cranial abilities in arriving at decisions.

However, we are not intrinsically provided with emotions. When we came into this world, we were like clean white sheets of paper, where different stimuli must leave their jottings before we discover the notion of responses to emotions. It is just when we grow old and thereby undergo a range of experiences that we understand how to respond to the various kinds of emotions.

Well, it is possibly for this reason that in our childhood, we experienced no dread or uneasiness when we lost our footing or performed something treacherous. In spite of everything, we yet are clueless about what constitutes dread or what uneasiness is or for that matter, what treacherous events are.

You should be aware of the extent of your emotions, in addition to the different responses that arise in given situations; possessing adequate knowledge to ascertain how you tend to handle a certain stimulus; and identifying which factors tend to arouse your emotions will all be useful in securing fresh insights into yourself.

Emotions are an unavoidable part of our life. Specialists in this area have gathered that emotional intelligence can be assessed by establishing its five spheres of influence.

The five domains of emotional intelligence are:

Managing emotions

This commonly includes the capability to manage one’s emotions to suit a specific situation. Besides, this also necessitates the correct blend of emotions plus the comprehension of what instigated a particular response to happen.

Self- awareness

Now this quite dissimilar to self-criticism primarily in the way by which particular emotions are established. It refers to the methodical watching of oneself to identify moods and feelings as they occur.


Well, this is manifest in deferred satisfaction, in the constructive application of emotions to direct emotions towards objectives, and in general self-control.


It is essentially the understanding of other people’s sentiments and outlook on things.

Managing relationships

Now, this is one aspect of social intelligence that is strongly entwined with emotional intelligence as it deals with managing emotions to preserve and complement relationships.

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