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It is through our perception and connection with all life that we can experience meaning and have a fulfilling life.

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Expect The Best No Matter What!

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Author: Lucian Cade

When the Law of Attraction was in it’s early days it wasn’t actually called that. It was called the Power of Positive Thinking or The Power of Positive Expectancy. That’s why when The Secret came out people would criticize Rhonda Byrne saying she was just repackaging The Power of Positive Thinking. The truth is she was just trying to spread the word about an incredible “gift” she had received and because of that she managed to reach thousands of people and change many lives for the better. But that’s not the topic I’m writing about today.

Today I want to talk about why the power of positive thinking was originally also called the power of positive expectancy, and the huge lesson that can be drawn from that. One of the key ingredients in attracting what it is you want into your life is expecting it to happen. Now this could easily go right over your head so I want you to reread that. One of the KEY ingredients in attracting what you want into your life is ALWAYS expecting it to happen.

Expectation is a huge part of belief that isn’t often understood. You see when you want something to happen you always get not only what you think about, but what you expect. In fact if those two things aren’t in alignment you’ll more than likely get what you expect. How many times have you woken up and said to yourself man, I just know this is gonna be a bad day. And then at the end of the day lo and behold you got exactly what you expected. Another great example that always seems to happen is when you’re dreading catching that red light that always makes the difference between getting to work right on time or five minutes late. Even though you’re dreading it, not wanting it to happen, you’re constantly seeing yourself catching the light and deep down you “just know” that you’re gonna be late. Again, lo and behold you get what you expect.

This is a very simple concept that is also one of the hardest to apply to your life. You see it’s easy to expect bad things to happen, so many of us have been conditioned to play the victim from a very early age and so our immediate thoughts when we’re going down a dark road at night is “man I hope I don’t get a flat tire”. The problem is that your subconscious doesn’t hear “don’t” because it thinks in pictures (you have to first see yourself getting a flat tire to “not” think about it) and the other problem is that right away we think we’ve “jinxed” ourselves and we start expecting the worst.

The really hard thing to do, but also the thing that would really attract your dreams faster and push you to move faster towards them, is expecting the best to happen. When you set out to accomplish something, be it a weekly goal, yearly goal or even a life goal, you have to “just know” that it’ll happen. No matter how hard things seem to get or how many people tell you to quit you have to believe with all your heart that it’s happening. That’s another one of the reasons visualization is so key, you keep tricking your subconscious into believing that it’s already happening. Once you’ve made that conviction quitting ceases to be an option and you’ll get to your goals no matter how long or hard the trip might be. Getting from point A to point B always starts with the first step, and then the one after that, you may not be able to see where it is you’re headed, but you expect that if you keep walking in that direction you’ll definitely get there.

A great way to make it even easier on yourself is to expect that it’s going to happen without much effort. Remember you always get what you expect and think about. If you visualize getting your dream car and you expect it to be an easy and quick process the universe responds the way it always does. It’s time to turn Murphy’s law around in your favor, start expecting good things to happen and you’ll start becoming the guy everybody calls “lucky”, only you’ll know that luck has nothing to do with it!

Okay now here’s a few things you can start doing right away:

-Make sure that you’re visualizing in the present tense and out of your own eyes! This may seem like small potatoes but it’s all about what your subconscious is seeing. Your subconscious mind does not understand past or future and it can only think in pictures. I once heard of a woman visualizing a Volkswagen beetle very adamantly for a few months. She then got rear ended by one, after which her neighbor got the exact same beetle she had been visualizing. Her subconscious brought her what she was seeing, a Volkswagen beetle came. Had she been visualizing herself driving it, out of her own eyes, then there could be no confusion and her vision would have come true just as fast.

-Start changing the way you talk to yourself on a daily basis. When you’re driving down the road and you have one of those “what if” thoughts, immediately change it to a positive from a negative. Using the example from before change “what if my tire blew out right now” or “what if I caught that red light and was late for work” to “what if I get to my destination safely and there’s a surprise waiting for me!” or “what if I catch all the green lights on the way to work today and make it there 5 minutes early!” At first your brain is going to make you feel silly, you’ll feel like you’re lying to yourself. But after constant repetition your mind will start believing you and attracting that good into your life!

-One final action point that is crucial and deserves an article on it’s own, keep a gratitude journal. You will never get any more good if you don’t start being grateful for the good you have coming your way every day. This simple technique will transform your life. Every day for 5-10 minutes write in that journal all of the things that happen that day that you’re grateful for, even things that seem ridiculous like “I am grateful the sun rose this morning” or “I am grateful I caught that green light on the way to work today”. If you start being grateful for the little things you’ll start subconsciously expecting more good to come into your life. If you’re grateful for what you have the universe will give you more to be grateful for! Remember, if you’re not grateful then you’re just a spoiled brat.

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Lucian Cade is an entrepreneur and co-founder of Visionskape LLC with his brother and business partner Tristan Cade. When he is not pursuing athletic or academic endeavors Lucian spends all of his time studying and seeking a deeper understanding of how the law of attraction and it’s brother and sister laws of the universe pertain to self-improvement and human potential. Understanding these incredible breakthroughs in self-improvement has become a major passion in Lucian’s life and he enthusiastically helps all those he comes in contact with either through his articles or by answering FAQs and spreading the word about the abundance and joy that is each human’s birthright.

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